Carrière Frères

The story of Carrière Frères naturally follows that of the Royal Wax Manufacture, known today as Cire Trudon.

Following the highest standards, Carrière Frères constantly innovates to source only the best ingredients. Opting for sustainable products and a creative approach, each element of the mix is chosen to minimize the environmental impact without compromising the product’s aesthetic or sensory attributes.
Raw materials are either ethically bought from a cooperative, support sustainability programs or organica agricultural practices.

Carrière Frères candles come in a range of singular scent inspired by exotic or indigenous oils that fascinated the botanists and explorers of the 18th century.
When melted, the wax releases the poetic “”language of flowers and nature”” thanks to thinest quality ingredients.
The products are luxury-crafted in Carrière Frères Normandy factory in France.