DaunenStep is historically based in South Tyrol, an Italian region, almost on the border with Austria.
Today our company boasts a long tradition and valuable competence in the production of down duvets.
Using only natural prime raw materials, DaunenStep produces items that are weightless, soft and hygienic. Our products have an optimal heating factor, are transpiring and long-lasting in time.

DaunenStep means confidence and quality
For the past 110 years Daunenstep has been producing hand made items with tailoring accuracy and commitment.

Alpine tradition
Made in South Tyrol
The Romans realized already 2500 years ago that a few geese could make a difference.
Dozens of geese were enough to weak up an entire city saving it from a night attack of a barbarian tribe form northern Europe.
Still today, as then customs and traditions have changed, we find the past in our present.

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