MANI believes that all hands need to be cared for and protected.

Formulated in Holland, our innovative product is the result of a thorough research and development process. Combining a rich, high-quality moisturizer with a cleansing sanitizer in place of a disinfecting alcohol, this revolutionary blend has been developed to protect, hydrate and revitalize your hands’ skin.
Today more than ever, sanitizing our hands is a frequent and essential daily deed – the downside is that most sanitizing products contain alcohol, and regularly using them can ultimately affect the pH of our skin, leaving our handsdry and damaged.

MANI provides a novel hand cream that sanitizes whilst simultaneously nourishing your skin. Composed of natural oils including avocado oil, almond oil and St.John’s wort oil, minerals and vitamins A, C and E, our formula guarantees a high-quality, nurturing hand care treatment.

The finishing touch is our fragrance – a delicate, hypoallergenic perfume studied and specifically developed for daily use.

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