Officina delle Essenze

Everything begins in the 50s. The Lembo family has a perfumery among the streets of central Rome. We are in full economic boom, middle-class ladies go to artisan shops and the first small cars cross Bel paese.

Out of our five senses, the smell is undoubtedly the most significant one. The aroma tells us a lot about a person and his or her personality. Fragrances have the power to render an individual or environment unique and this special feature inspires Officina delle Essenze to make own creations. This is a story of a small perfumery in the heart of Rome that became a family-owned business and made an absolute value out of Made in Italy.
Officina delle Essenze is a synonym of craftsmanship and luxury, an emotion of those who want to feel good with a product of high artistic value.

Those who choose Officina delle Essenze love taking care of themselves or their home. These are not only sophisticated perfumes but also a perfect design in every context, precious and elegant in order to represent something unique, the detail that you cannot do without. That is why every experience with the products of Officina delle Essenze is original and inimitable.

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