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BARONET SUPERB with all our classic components – natural fillings, pocket-sprung support and an extremely resilient finish.

With all our classic components – natural fillings, pocket-sprung support and an extremely resilient finish.

Vispring invented the pocket spring in 1901 and has unsurpassed knowledge and experience to make the perfect bed.
• We are the only bed manufacturer to produce our own springs from the finest Vanadium steel.
• We offer a unique choice of 58 distinct spring types and 4 different spring tensions (soft, medium, firm, extra firm).
• Every spring is enclosed in natural cotton calico pockets to provide excellent breathability within the mattress.

Vispring craftsmen hand-nest the pocket springs in a honeycomb pattern that maximises the support offered by each bespoke mattress.
• The pocketed springs work independently (as a result of not being glued), gently supporting you from head to toe as you sleep.

It is an intricate technique that craftsmen take many years to master, providing perfect edge to edge support and improving mattress longevity.
• Every bed is made exclusively with up to six rows of genuine side-stitching, using 100% natural twine and providing thousands
of contact points in the rows between mattress border and spring unit. As a result, we don’t need to use a metal rod edge that would reduce the independence of the springs and comfort.
• It can take up to eight hours to hand side-stitch a super king size mattress.

Throughout its entire product range, Vispring uses the most luxurious natural fillings, sourced from around the world:
silk, cashmere, bamboo, mohair, horsetail, wool and cotton.
• We uniquely source the finest quality horsetail from Moosburger – a family run Austrian business – which is untwisted by hand to preserve the fibre’s natural length and resilience. Adding horsetail to a bed is like giving it millions of extra springs.
• We are the only bed manufacturer to use 100% Platinum Certified British fleece wool that is produced in keeping with age-old traditions with no harm to sheep. Soft, hypo-allergenic, breathable and ten times more absorbent than synthetic materials, it works in harmony with your body to regulate the temperature in your bed.
• Vispring uses one third of the wool clipped in the Shetland Isles – regarded as the best in the world and offering unsurpassed insulating properties and considerable crimp for springiness. .

Vispring uses extremely generous quantities of natural fillings: pure 100% British fleece wool is blended with the finest horsehair, the softest silk, cashmere and mohair, to cushion and support.
• Our craftsmen hand-tease the combination of the exclusive fillings, giving resilience and loft to allow the air to move freely and the bed to breathe.
• A typical Vispring mattress contains the wool from at least four full fleeces which is unequalled amongst our competitors.

Our master craftsmen use meticulous care to close the mattress panel and border leaving no raw fabric edges.
• Slender but strong colour-matched tape-edging is beautifully and smoothly finished.

Carefully judged tuft lengths create the signature voluptuously contoured surface without compromising comfort.
• Evenly distributed over the surface, tufts hold the fillings in position without resort to the metal rods used in less
luxurious beds.

Hand-nested calico pocket spring construction.
Spring tension: Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm.
1326 springs in 150 x 200cm size (5ft x 6ft 6in)

Made exclusively from natural fillings: horsehair, bonded British fleece wool and cotton, blended British fleece wool and cotton.
Finest quality ticking.
Hand tufted with felt washers.

Upholstered with protective wool
2 rows of hand side-stitching
-Horizontal handles
Air vents
Overall mattress depth: 21cm + 6cm doming (+/-2cm)

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