Bourbon Vanilla Diffuser


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Vanilla-flavored gourmand floral fragrance with hints of coconut head combined with orchid, heliotrope, cocoa, to finish with Madagascar vanilla and vanilla berries.
Hand painted glass vase.
Jacquard fabric label.

The magical scent of pure vanilla from Madagascar. A combination of natural ingredients such as Orchid, Cocoa and Vanilla make this fragrance special. Bourbon Vanilla the fragrance of Locherber Milano inspired by Madagascar.

The T2 cap is created by hand according to techniques patented by Locherber that recall a capital of a Roman temple in order to emphasize the influence of the culture of ancient Rome and create a piece of Made in Italy design to enhance even more the space that surrounds us.

The characteristic of this fragrance allows this elegant diffuser to be inserted in any environment.


Top Notes: Coconut

Heart Notes: Orchid, Heliotrope, Cocoa

Base Notes: Madagascar vanilla, Vanilla pods


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