Down duvet La Batista


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The sophistication of the Nanobatiste of pure selected long fibre cotton is associated with the most precious down, creating a line of luxury.

Atelier La Batista is a collection of the most luxurious down duvets that reflects the excellence of the company Daunenstep. Finest nano batiste of pure selected cotton has been combined with the finest down to create a luxury collection, enhanced with refined details, for those who don’t want to give up the idea of sleeping with purest pleasure. These duvets are handmade in Italy, with the deepest care of our craftsmen, who inherited a century long tradition and experience. The duvets in real down are soft and breathable, allow a comfortable and dry sleep, thanks to the properties of the down, with its thermoregulating power and its lightness, are the ideal bed cover recommendable for any season. The cotton fabric is certified anti-mite, preserving allergy sufferers from any allergic reaction. The fixed stitched through sewn squares maintain the same temperature over the entire surface of the duvet, while the special flat borders with slots are constructed to allow two duvets to be joined together.

Kind: Down duvet
Filling Power: 880 cuin
Filling: 100% down
Fabric: 100% Nanobatiste of pure selected long fibre cotton
Washable: Max. 40°
Dryer: Max. 50°
Certificats: Öekotex 100 & Nomite

Nivel de caldura



Filling: 100% down
Fabric: 100% Nanobatiste of pure selected long fibre cotton


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