Down mattress topper Nuvola


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Soft mattress topper filled with down.

The Topper Nuvola is a soft feather mattress topper especially useful for frosty winter nights. It is practical and hygienical and can be washed up to 40 °C. Sleeping with a down mattress topper increases the pleasure of sleep, adds softness to the mattress and gives a wonderful “cloud” effect. The quilting with fixed squares guarantees a perfect distribution of the feather over the entire surface of the garment. The elastic corners prevent the topper from moving during use and adapt easily to the different heights of mattresses. The Nuvola Topper is a further thermic isolation.

Kind: Mattress topper in down
Filling: 20% down & 80% feather
Fabric: 100% cotton
Washable: Max. 40°
Dryer: Max. 50°
Certificats: Öekotex 100 & Nomite


Filling: 20% down & 80% feather
Fabric: 100% cotton


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