Down pillow Silver


from 227 lei

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A pillow that donates an elevated support. All our down pillows are very precious, 100% natural, breathable, washable and naturally soft.

The down pillows guarantee a differentiated support depending on the filling used. Thanks to the different conformation, the DaunenStep pillows allow optimal sleep for all posture needs. For each type of down pillow there are two different versions available. We have developed a system of facilitated choice to offer the appropriate pillow that can satisfy all the personal habits, for every sleeping position.

Kind: Down pillows
Filling: 100% feather
Fabric: 100% cotton
Dryer: Max. 50°
Washable: Max. 40°
Certificats: Öekotex 100 & Nomite


Filling: 100% feather
Fabric: 100% cotton


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