Giftboxed pack x 6 căni (180 ml) – Froissés 100% Recyclay


345 lei

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RECYCLAY Crinkles, Revol know-how for attractive cups
The Recyclay collection is a unique sleek design for a cup made from our “”house”” dough from the recycling of our industrial waste, thanks to a patented industrial process unique in the world.
Glazed on the inside and raw on the outside, a simple creation to rediscover the appearance of crumpled plastic and the nobility of culinary porcelain.
These Espresso cups or cappuccino cups are perfect for all services and for daring all presentations of desserts and appetizers and are oven and freezer resistant for intensive daily use.

Made in France
Material: recycled porcelain

Height: 8,5 cm - Diameter: 8,5 cm

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