Laos Benzoin & Damask Rose Candle

Carrière Frères

300 lei

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Unusual wedding, Laos benzoin and Damascus rose make up a woody, flowery scent where resin and rose petals meet. Borrowing from poetry and femininity, the scented Christmas candle reveals the nobility of this ‘Queen of Flowers’, a divine symbol since antiquity.


The Benzoin of Laos has ancestrally reputed aromatherapeutic virtues. Associated with the Rose of Damascus, he;

✓ Purifies the air.

✓ Rebalances and soothes the nervous system.

✓ Contributes to emotional harmony.


The benzoin emits a floral and woody scent, slightly sweet. Paired with the Rose, the bouquet becomes oriental and all the more elegant.


Firstly, the glass is white-lacquered by a specialist.
Wicks are then placed and secured in each vessel.
Because every essential oil burns at a different temperature, each fragrance is paired with its own specially woven wick for an optimal burn.
Every ingredient is then weighed and melted, with the perfume blended in at the last instance.
Candles are then poured; each candle holds 6.7 oz. of scented wax. As the wax hardens, the wicks are set upright, by hand, to be perfectly centered.
Each candle is then slightly melted on top, to ensure a smooth surface.
Once cooled, Carrière Frères candles are hand-packaged.

Weight: 185g / 6.5 oz
Burning time: 45 to 50 hours
Dimensions: H: 9 cm Ø: 7.5 cm


Wax formula which is the source of a high-quality olfactive diffusion and burning quality
Cotton wick
Recyclable glass Made in Italy
FSC paper packaging
Perfume elaborated in Grasse
Recyclable sticker
Organic lacquering


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