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LED UYUNI Outdoor Candle – Pillar


165 lei

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Uyuni Candles are traditional in their aesthetic, luxurious to the touch, and innovative in their mechanics. Not only is the patented 3D flame a first-of-its-kind, but Uyuni Candles offer a practicality that sets them apart; turn them on and off from a distance or dim them to your desire with a useful remote control and timer options of 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours. A 6-hour manual timer switch allows you to conserve battery life while still benefitting from a lengthy ambient glow.

And the beauty of long-lasting LED Uyuni Candles… they don’t melt, won’t mess wax, can’t set anything alight or blow out in a breeze, they are not hot to the touch, and are safe and easy enough for the whole family to use. As practical as they are beautiful, enjoy all the wonder of candlelight, without any of the hassles.

The real wax surface of Uyuni Candles allows you to feel and experience the comforting character of a traditional candle, while the unique 3D flame creates a gently flickering light to safely illuminate any space in a clean, smoke-free way, with a soft and inviting ambience reminiscent of a real wax candle.

The Outdoor Candle is a traditional candle in aesthetic only and has been created specifically for outdoor use. The design of the candle has recreated all the beauty and nostalgia of candlelight while removing the risk associated with chemical compounds being released during the burning process.

Built-in 6-hour Timer
Patent Pending 3D Flame
Water-Resistant: IPX5

Material ABS Plastich

Uses 2 x C batteries (Not included)
Battery Burn Time 1000+ hours

Can be used with the Uyuni Remote Control (sold separately):
4 x timer options: 4,6,8, & 10 hours
3-position dimmer switch

* Please note that Uyuni Outdoor Candles should not be stored or used at temperatures lower than -10°C or above 40°C.

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