Les Bijoux


1,450 lei

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Finishing touches to adorn your finest bottles. In matte hues of pink, silver and gold, the Les Bijoux case opens to reveal six tools that are each as useful as… they are elegant.

Named after the French word for jewelry, the three “Bijoux” bottle stoppers feature sleek lines and just the right weight, making for a comfortable grip and smooth use, without needing to apply force. The three rings, in memory metal with an absorbent felt lining, clip onto the bottle neck and discreetly soak up drops of wine.

They bring a certain flow, confidence and grace to the wine experience.

The six decorative pieces are presented in a lined case crafted from responsible calfskin tanned in Italy. The outer leather is supple and sensual, while the inner is engineered to resist wine stains.

Lastly, a hidden, hand-sewn pocket can tuck away business cards, wine labels or thank you notes.

1 Chef Sommelier®

1 Pourer-leaf

1 Chromed metal

Foil Cutter

2 Stoppers

Sizes: L 27cm x W 15cm.