Round COCOTTE dish with lid – REVOLUTION 2


from 560 lei


Able to withstand intensive use and 100% hygienic, Revol’s culinary porcelain
is the product of choice for demanding professional chefs insistent on high performance.

In Revol’s kilns, the pieces are fired at very high temperature to create a porcelain of exceptional durability and with an excellent resistance to scratches, mechanical and thermal impact.

Revol’s culinary porcelain absorbs neither grease nor odors, assuring the highest level of
food hygiene with no risk of bacterial growth.It’s very easy to clean thanks to its antiadhesive properties.

Revol’s culinary porcelain contains no polluting elements and no elements that constitute a
health risk, nor does it present any risk of chemical leakage (it contains neither lead nor cadmium).

Revol’s culinary porcelain is the ideal tool for oven-cooking or reheating under a salamander grill, destroying any risk of bacteria or virus.

The force of shock absorbed by the edge of a Revol dish compared with 0.149 joules
for another porcelain = a guarantee of great durability.

More than an hour after being placed on the dining table, a dish cooked in the oven
and served in a Revol vessel still has a core temperature of 65°C (149 °F).


Thanks to a rare elegance based on the purity of design and a wide range of finishes, with RÉVOLUTION
you can compose some visually unique displays.


Thanks to its induction base and its high-tech non-porous ceramic material, RÉVOLUTION assures
that your buffet dishes remain at the right temperature and that your food hygiene is impeccable.

Made in France
Material: porcelain

Ø 19 cm - H. 12.5 cm - 1,20L
Ø 22 cm - H. 14 cm - 2,40L
Ø 26 cm - H. 14,5 cm - 3,40L
Ø 28 cm - H. 13,5 cm - 3,60L

Oven (300gr)
Induction (100 à 130°C)
(warming system)

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