Set of 4 plates – GOURMANDE


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“The charcoal line is the beginning. With it is born a natural roughness giving objects their narrative strength and their depth.”
The Caractère collection unveils the simple beauty of centuries-old skills. The unique pieces in the range describe a creative circle that takes its purpose from the love of materials and is constantly renewed.

Exquisite, inventive and divinely original with its uneven style, the Caractère saucer will add charm to your dining table. Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance’s design combines the art and technical orchestration of an industry at the service of users. The ceramic saucer combines authenticity and poetry through its contemporary style, providing a subtle interplay of thickness in the ceramic material and set off by an edge that stretches out like a wave. Complete the set with the cup from the same collection.
The saucer is available in a dazzling range of spicy colours: turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg and tonka, along with the more traditional and tangy colours, mint and white, to bring out all the warmth and beauty of your tableware.

With the enamel removed by hand, the plate’s outline displays the black clay in its uneven form. Revol is continuing a ceramic tradition based on centuries-old skills while introducing an innovative artistic sensibility. The creations are hand-made in the Drôme region in France and are the guarantee of an original culinary journey.
The collection is available in a range of sizes and in a delightful white colour to adapt to dining tables in contemporary style. It also comes in 6 other colours linked to the theme of spices with warm tones evoking the flavours of local produce.”

Made in France
Material : Ceramic

Ø 14 cm - H 5 cm
Ø 17 cm - H 5,5 cm
Ø 23 cm - H 3,3 cm

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