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Wallpaper Simons Äng celebrates the natural meadow and is from Simon Jonegårds meadow in south Sweden. As a tribute to Simon for his passion and priceless work to maintain biological diversity, we selected nine flowers from his meadow to grace our wallpaper. Dress your wall in bitter vetch, buttercup, lady’s mantle, white clover, speedwell, wood sorrel, spleenwort, maiden pink and heath violet. Design: Karolina Kroon
This collection aims to bring the gentle feeling of calmness that envelops us here into the interior. Through our new designs you can feel the stillness and breathe in the scents. You can see the sun that shines through the tree canopy and sense the buds that break. When the light comes back in spring and let greenery take over and enclose you in Sandberg’s own Arboretum.” – Karolina Kroon, designer

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