Smartrope rookie


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The most beautiful, stylish jumping rope!

Ergonomically designed rope, SmartRope Rookie
The convenience and completeness of the design ensure fun and engaging workout experience.

The newest evolution of the jump rope. Easier, smarter, fun.

SmartRope Rookie syncs to your smartphone.
Automatically records your exercise data,
Jump counts, calories, duration and goal achievement.

SmartRope Rookie was designed by Tangram!
It is easier and more immersive than any other jump rope.

Sophisticated and streamlined design.

Even the power button has been removed The Rookie will automatically power on when you start your workout.

Store 1,000 sets of data, jumping is easier than an analog jump rope, Tand SmartRope app will analyze your exercise data on your smartphone.

Accurate Sensors

The magnetic sensors in the handle ensure accurate jump counts, and it can be used permanently without limit of the lifetime.

Freely adjustable rope lengt

The SmartRope Rookie rope is completely and easily adjustable, and will fit almost everyone.
The rope itself is light, durable, and smooth, making sure you can jump fast with ease.

Soft and firm texture.

The high quality finish and the weight of the handles make sure they fit comfortably in the palms of your hands, with minimal danger of slipping.

Soft alloy ball bearing

Two sets of metal alloy ball bearings in each handle ensure that every jump with the Smart Rope is smooth and effortless, making your exercise even better than before.

The SmartRope app provides various functions that aid your jumping workout.
By providing useful individual information, it can help create a healthy lifestyle.


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