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Celso de Lemos

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“Sleep is the best meditation”
Dalai Lama

For centuries, goose down and feathers have been used as the ideal filling for
pillows and down blankets: the small air pockets between the individual hairs ensure optimum insulation.

A mix of feather and down is used to give the ideal level of weight and warmth.
The white goose down is like a flake (called cluster) retaining air; a perfect insulation for the body and creating the perfect microclimate.
The feathers are small and soft; they have a stem from where the ‘beards’ branch out, adding resistance and elasticity to the garment.

The fillings are of the highest quality ( class I ) and a top heat class (V), tested at two different external independent entities in Portugal and Switzerland.
Celso de Lemos uses the most exclusive quality in down, promising you the softest nights.

The outer cover of all our products, the upholstery fabric, is made of the best down-proof Giza Egyptian Cotton, Extra Long Staple.
This cotton, 700 thread count in a percale weave has an elegant finish with a double stitching. The pockets of the duvet are stitched with an extra strong cotton thread to ensure the durability.

Steller is a softer 3 chamber pillow with white goose feathers on the outside and pure white goose down on the outside.


30x40 - 195 gr
40x40 - 260 gr
50x50 - 405 gr
50x75 - 605 gr
50x80 - 640 gr
60x70 - 675 gr
65x65 - 680 gr
53x90 - 795 gr
80x80 - 1025 gr

Color: White

Outer Cover: Percale - Giza Egyptian Cotton - Extra Long Staple 700 TC
Inner e
Cover: 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton - Extra Long Staple
Finishing 3

Chamber Pillow
Double Stitching
Outer Chambers: Pure White Goose Down 100% According to DIN EN 12934
91% Down Cluster / Filling Per Square Meter: 375 g/m²
Inner Chamber: 85% Feathers + 15% Pure White Goose Down
Filling Per Square Meter: 1225 g/m²
Filling Power: 850 cuin

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