Uzumaki Incense

POJ Studio

from 145 lei


This Uzumaki incense, which translates to ‘swirl,’ has a slow burn time of 35-40 minutes, giving you a lasting scent of either Yuzu or Hinoki. Yuzu (yellow) is a type of Japanese citrus, and Hinoki (black) is Japanese cypress, which is used in various bath products for their therapeutic and health benefits.

The Uzumaki (swirl) shape can be commonly seen as “katorisenko” which are incense used as bug repellent. Since most incense on the market are stick or cone shaped, we wanted to bring you these unusual mini-swirl (2.5cm / 1 inch diameter).

These incense are made in the birthplace of incense in Japan, Awaji Island. It is recorded in The Chronicles of Japan, published in 720 AD, that a piece of aromatic wood drifted to Awaji Island on an April day in 595 AD. With its year-long warm climate and ample sea breeze, the island is an ideal place to dry the incense – a crucial process in its making.

Amount: 5 Uzumaki incense per box 
Swirl dimensions: 
2.5cm / 1 inch diameter
Box dimension: 7.7 x 3.7cm / 1.5 x 3 inch




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