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Moser glass is renown for their luxury glassware, stemware and gifts. Moser has been made is 1857. Moser is often called the “King of Glass and the Glass of Kings” because of Moser’s famous customers like Edward VII, Pope Pius XI and numerous other kings, sultans and heads of state. All Moser glass is lead free and hand made.

This hand-blown Old Fashioned tumbler for whisky or bourbon has been impressing with its minimalist design for more than 50 years. It still looks as modern as when it was introduced. The lead-free Czech crystal looks great, both clear and in typical Moser colours. Beryl, eldor, rosaline, alexandrite, aquamarine, topaz or the complementary shades of oceanite and smoke add a dash of originality to the 370 ml glasses, while decoration, using fine gold or platinum, as well as original engraving, gives them a distinctive character.

There’s no point in changing what’s already perfect, so this iconic Moser whisky set has carried on, proudly unchanged, since 1968. Its minimalist design, featuring the contrast of the massive base with the ethereal sides, will elevate your evening’s drink to a celebration of refined taste and timeless beauty. The clear glass enhances the cylindrical shape of both highballs and Old Fashioned glasses, while the shot glasses are set off by typical Moser colours or an attractive smoky grey tone. Enjoy your whisky, bourbon or brandy from glassware that still looks fresh and modern after decades.

Height: 10.1 cm

Width: 8.8 cm



Pure crystal symbolizes immaculacy, simplicity, and elegance. It’s perfect for every piece, every purpose, and every opportunity. Lead-free crystal made according to the original formula used by Leo Moser..


This mysterious colour dramatically alters its colouration from a light hint of lilac to a pale shade of azure when held under pink light. The formula especially created in 1920 for Moser paints the crystal using neodymium oxide and Erbium.


A light turquoise colour, inspired by the depths of a blue-green lagoon and foaming waves. It gets its name from the Greek word “beryllos”, meaning the precious bluish-green stone. The formula was exclusively created in 1920 for Moser and it dyes the crystal using copper and iron oxides.


A lemon-yellow and once rare colour, characterized by its powerful brightness and gentle pastel hue. Apart from its unique character, it also gives the crystal its extraordinary hardness when being worked by the glassmakers. Its formula was specially developed in 1920 for Moser and it stains the crystal with titanium and cerium oxides.


A romantic and noble colour ranging from shades of pink to brick red. With its elegance, it unobtrusively adds admiration to every detail across large, cut surfaces. The formula was specially designed in 1920 for Moser and it stains the crystal using selenium and neodymium oxides.


A honey-gold to intensely light yellow colour, referring to the vividness of the hot glass before it’s further worked by the master glassmakers. This passion displayed before the colour is tamed allows the finely cut motifs to fully speak throughout the creations. The formula especially created in 1920 for Moser colours the crystal with graphite.

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